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    Timeless, Rebellious, Soft, Sweet, and Vibrant:

    Lighting up Rainy Seattle

    (Duwamish, Muckleshoot, Suquamish Country)


  • Karte of Fun

    Let's find your flavor! I'm an artist, a witchy switch,

    and an entertainer of the highest caliber.

    Whether you plan to pick from the menu or to personally commission your fondest dream, we're going to collaborate on how to have

    the most fun and fruitful time together!

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    Porn Star, Fairy Witch,

    Sexy Advisor,

    Burlesque Siren,

    Provider of Public & Private Mystical Entertainment in Seattle (or Fly Me To You)

    A heart sparkle flower fairy with a steamy vintage erotic air and a hardcore punk brat witch with literal powers edge.

     Hello! Chokma, and Wilkommen to the portal to

    My Secret Garden of Myriad Delights!


    My name is Carnegie Velvet.

    I am an Award-winning Porn Star and Choreographer Bouncing on Wheels and a Bubble Butt!

    Classy and ratchet and mystical and nasty and kinky and kind. Djinn-descended, a fairy tale, a Wishmaster, granting desires and needing something in return.


    My all-time favorite art form is dance.

    I think dance benefits all forms and walks of life.


    I began my work in the sex and entertainment industry 14 years ago on the East Coast! Now I am based in the Pacific Northwest, and the land and the people here make me so happy.


    When I made my porn debut in 2012 on CrashPadSeries.com, a soft, lilac-pink became my calling card at that time, and through the years as I performed in porn as Lyric Seal, and now, as Carnegie Velvet, this assertive, dreamy, dangerous, transcendent, bratty sort of pink has felt like the sexual energy I am channeling in every organic scene.


    Though the hue might travel its spectrum,

    the pink is here to stay. It's my signature color! It's been in my hair and my accessories. It's my favorite color of velvet, silk, candles, drinks, candy, and pens, and one of my favorite Janelle Monae songs!

    Just as that color heals me as I devote myself to it, so does Sex(y) work and the other Arts I practice.


    I am Disabled. I have arthrogryposis and scoliosis (among other, less obvious ones) and I alternately use a manual and power wheelchair to get around.

    This is a big part of who I am, and a condition I am proud of, not hiding or triumphing over.

    I am a Disability Justice activist, and any place where I am asked to entertain must be wheelchair accessible.


    Feel free to ask any questions you need to, knowing that I have the right to decline to answer anything I find inappropriate!


    I have naturally thick and curly black hair that is growing out in wild, soft ringlets just past my shoulders. My tresses are currently full of lovely magenta, pumpkin, and lemon highlights.

    I have very soft madrone (golden, rosy, brown) skin that grows sparse black and golden hair on my arms and legs. I prefer to be natural/hairy all over,

    but I also enjoy body sugaring!


    I have striking, dark, almond-shaped eyes that tend to make me resemble a beautiful, laughing feline. I have a big generous smile and laugh, though my mouth is very pretty in all shapes, high cheekbones, and dimples chiseled into cheeks and chin.

    My curvy, muscled, handmade hourglass figure is a cherubic chimera of body types in a delightful package of bright, colorful, chewy eye candy.

    I am a strong, careful, and dancerly mover, capable of impressive feats of fun with my compact, flexible, creative slim thick

    Disabled Fairy Form.


    I am a queer bisexual, a lover of the shock of newness and the rhythm of familiarity. A sensual sensation seeker with synesthesia and lots of unusual romantic skills such as calligraphy, fencing, clowning, and Dabbling in Thirteen Languages.


    I love acting, modeling, and singing and consider them a major part of how I show up in the world, create an experience, and delight my clients, allies,

    Comrades, Lovers, and Friends.


    I'm really into folk tales, fairy tales, classic literature, and largely all forms of storytelling. My favorite type of fiction is speculative, and my favorite kind of poetry is free. That and the sestina, the ghazal, Nuyorican. I was raised by self-taught bohemian intellectuals, and I'm a cultured coquette punk. A dandy, a psychic, an Indigenous Hoodoo Witch, a fairy (for real), a lover of learning,

    And a Lover of Love.


    My favorite kind of date is when you're Laughing and Flirting so hard that the Blood just goes everywhere like you control it and like it controls you.


    My favorite kinds of bodies are complicated ones.

    I love punk shows and moshing in the front.

    I love cheering people on, I love drawing alone in a bar, I love drawing a crowd, and bringing the house down.

    I love talking to flora and fauna,

    to the water, and to the sky.

    I love reading and watching and dancing and singing and loving and being.


    I love finding joy and humor and enthusiasm and magic wherever we can.  


    Would you like to have some fun with me?

    Would you allow me to entertain you?

    Do you need a Tarot reading, a spell, or some love-life advice?


    If you want to get spiritual with me, I'm down. I'll facilitate a ritual for you. You'll go through a few before our first session together.

    If you want to keep it scientific, we can do that too.

    Entertainment needed? You got it. It'll be a blast!

    My pink and floral soul blooms in many climates. I am a multidisciplinary kinky switch (with very specific powers in submissive & dominant arenas), an experienced actor, model, vocalist and composer, porn star entertainer, conjurer, healer, exotic dancer, tarot card reader, and Facilitator of Fun and Adventure.


    Allow me to guide you towards present, deep, tactile, unreasonable joy. Your joy is what I need. Thank you for taking care of yourself by finding and booking me!





  • A Booking Spell

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    A Golden Key to the Secret Garden


    The Secret Garden is my own splash of color added to the studio in the trees and sky that I call home. I'm happy to host you there, as it is wheelchair accessible and lovely.


    I will also entertain you at another wheelchair accessible space you have booked!


    If you wish to book an experience where we never end up somewhere in particular, I'm open to a multi-venue adventure. You tell me where, and I'll plan a fun time.


    I'm your muse of delight, your companion in magic. 


    I accept many forms of identity verification as a part of screening my clients and audiences. Let's work together to figure out which will be best for you.


    Fill out the booking form that is either to the left of, above, or below this text. Honestly, technology.

    You can also skip the form and email me at ohthaaatcarnegie@gmail.com

    or text me at 1-908-544-1240 introducing yourself and your entertainment request.




    Please let me know if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 so that we can reschedule. There is no fee for canceling when you are sick.



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